Dominik's artistic education extends far beyond his bachelor's and master's degree in classical guitar due to vast experience in differing endeveaors both within, and beyond the academical context. Adding to his solo repertoire from most notable epochs, years of experience have been accumulated in projects with singers, string players, and other guitarists, while extending to reoccuring performances with orchestras, such as the Musikkollegium Winterthur.

These appearances have not confined Dominik to a single instrument, moreover, over a decade of experience with modern variations of the guitar, most notably the electric guitar and electric bass, was consolidated in projects reaching as far as electroacoustic improvisation, countless concerts as part of bands, pop duos, and the formal study of Jazz at the Zurich University of Arts. 

In addition to guitarristic instruments, Dominik's experience goes as far as several years of acting, lessons in piano, and singing.