Starting out as a tutor for Latin in his early teeange years, Dominik started rapidly championing the art of pedagogy, collecting experience teaching at ETH Science City in Zürich at the age of 16, getting his first offical diploma shortly after. Besides the field of music, a large part of his teaching career has consisted of  chess education, primarily focused on highly talented children, while being an integral part of youth development in and around Zürich for several years.
During his time as a college student, focus started shifting more and more towards music and away from the game of chess, firstly by increasing the capacity for private students, while also taking on a job and class of pupils in the towns of Bergdietikon and Spreitenbach.
Due to his in-depth knowledge of the guitar and music theory in general, assisting projects and appointments at the Zurich University of Arts (ZHdK), and the Zurich University of Education (PHZH) followed shortly after the recipience of his master's degree, covering subjects as guitar composition and vocal performance among others.