"It took chess schools decades to realize that having the title of Grand Master does not necessarily relate to that person's teaching skills."                 - André Lombard, FIDE International Master (2010)

While the indisputable fact, that profound knowledge of any subject matter forms the necessitated foundation of any pedagogical activity, seems to contradict the statement above, time has shown that the acquisition of information, and the conveyance thereof actually require differing skillsets. Factors such as empathic intelligence, focused reduction and bundling of information, and awareness for long-term learning processes play a significantly larger role when tutoring people.

Having the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the most accomplished chess pedagogues in the country (Markus Regez, André Lombard, Roberto Schenker, etc), experienced coaching players of regional and national representation of all ages, Dominik was able to abstract and absorb essential techniques of communication and individual development in a practical setting from a young age, then adapt to apply those techniques and receive immediate feedback on their execution. The element of empathizing with students on a personal and professional level in relation to their age, gender, sociocultural background, prior knowledge and goals within a given field or framework should be at least of equal importance as the content of  each lesson.

Throughout the years of teaching multiple subjects to individuals and groups of all ages, the core of this approach was nurtured and refined to embrace an approach of student-centered, custom-tailored teaching, elevating the student's perspective within a historically rigid and hierarchical relationship. This concept flourished under the guidance of music professors and psychologists while enrolled in university - furthermore, Dominik's self-critical yearning for improvement is manifesting itself in further education with master's of their craft (such as Stefan Schmidt), to extend both stylistic, as well as pedagogical expertise.